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Wine from Santorini

A mix of volcanic rock, lime and pumice gives the earth the special touch that makes wine from Santorini so unmistakable. About 1,500 hectares on the island are used for winegrowing. Vines, hold on ground-level, look like plaited baskets and so protect the inside growing grapes from harsh winds.

Small but nice – biodynamic winegrowing in Hatzidakis

Not far from Pyrgos, wines of the Hatzidaki vineyard are maturating in a little vault. The winegrower prefers local varieties. All his wines are stored in a mountain cellar. The most popular grape is the white autochthonal Assyrtiko. Highly recommendable: the Hatzidakis Santorini 2003, a dry white wine made of three different local varieties of vine; the Vinsanto dessert wine 1998, made of the mature grapes of two different types of vine, and the red Mavrotagano 2002. The last one, limited to 4000 bottles each year, captivates with its dark red colour and its earthy bouquet. The very rare and exeptinal Mavrotragano grape harmonizes especially with dark meat and spicy meals. It is a gift of mother nature for special occasions.

Exquisite wines from the Boutari vineyard

Exquisite wines from the Boutari vineyard are more than just a good wine The vineyard has got a long tradition not only in winegrowing but also in trade, exercising both since 1879, being one of the oldest and also biggest business entreprises of Greece. On Santorini there is only one of their many vineyards, situated close to Megalochori. Guided tours with wine-tasting are offered in different languages. In old vaults, authentic wines and autochthonal vine’s arrangements are waiting for maturity. A classic white whine, the Boutari Santorini 2005, is made of the Assyrtiko. It is a refreshing wine, with a fine taste of citrus fruits, that harmonizes perfectly with mediterranean cuisine when served with 12° C.

A classic is Paris Sigalas

The maths professor Paris Sigalas studied at the Sorbonne, Paris, and runs the family-owned vineyard on Santorini since 1991. His wines are subject to strict biological benchmarks. The Mavrotragano 2004 pleases the palatine with exceptional aromas like pepper and chocolate, and a whiff of blackberry. The Sigalas Mezzo maturates during 18 months in oak barrels and therefore has a special taste of wild cherry and pomegranate aromas. This sweet red wine is best enjoyed as a digestif, served with a temperature of not more than 11 °C.

Another opportunity for winetasting is found two kilometres from Kamari, towards Messa Gonia, at the Canava Roussos vineyard in Exo Gonia. Founded in 1836, the wine cellars serve as a museum today. The way is very well signposted and because of factory outlets, prices are a little bit cheaper than in the shops.

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