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Above the fort of Skaros there is the village of Imerovigli, its name deriving from "watchtower" (vigla) and "day" (imera), therefore recalling the time of piracy. The bastion was built in 1207 by the Venetian. A medieval settlement existed up to the 18th century. A path goes there from the village; the visitor is rewarded with a spectacular view on Santorini and the caldera. A fact that was already appreciated by the noble families that resided here. In 1956 Imerovigli was devastated by an earthquake, like Fira.

336 m above sea level, it is the islandís highest point. Maybe because of the hard walk of half an hour that it takes to get there from Fira, only few tourists visit Imerovigli. In the Agios Nikolaos cloisture some nuns guard some precious ikons. It is a place of silence which invites you to linger. Not too much remains of the fort of Skaros, but nevertheless, the way is worthwhile, and be it only because of the panoramic view over the whole archipelago.

Imerovigli Imerovigli Imerovigli
Imerovigli Imerovigli, Skaros Imerovigli

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