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Santorin - Santorini

The wonderful architecture, characteristic of the Cyclades, and the unique geology have made Santorini one of the most famous destinations among the Greek islands. For good reason all over the world photos of Santorini are found to represent the idea of Greece as a whole. Santorini seems so typically Greek that it almost seems unreal. Each post card motive, dominated by blue and white, pales in comparison with reality – a reality that one can only understand after having lived it once.

Santorini, Fira

In the peak season Santorini is overflowed by tourists, but during the low seasons there are enough opportunities to discover the island’s beauty unhurriedly. A highly recommendable lodging might be a hotel just beside the caldera. Also, the view from the 300 m high cliff line is one of the most spectacular impressions that the Cyclades can offer their visitors. But Santorini also has possibilities for those who like aquatics, or families with children who prefer a calm holiday at the seaside. The east coast’s ample sand beaches, covered with black lava sand, are something really special. Kalliste, "the most beautiful", beyond doubt is worth a visit.

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